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université de montpellier master biologie marine

Estimates of genetic variability and inbreeding in selected populations of European sea bass, Combining VITASSIGN and COLONY : an efficient practical procedure for parental assignment with missing parents. Towards a framework to co-design ecological aquaculture system based on agro ecology principles and ecosystem services approach. Gene expression pattern of digestive and antioxidant enzymes during the larval development of reared Atlantic bluefin tuna (ABFT), Thunnus thynnus L. Biodiversity in the by-catch communities of the pelagic ecosystem in the Western Indian Ocean, The versatile nature of coral-associated viruses, Life history, excystment features, and growth characteristics of the Mediterranean harmful dinoflagellate Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax, Slow growth of the overexploited milk shark Rhizoprionodon acutus affects its sustainability in West Africa, Foraging behavior links climate variability and reproduction in North Pacific albatrosses, Biogeographical distribution of Rimicaris exoculata resident gut epibiont communities along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge hydrothermal vent sites, Non-native species modify the isotopic structure of freshwater fish communities across the globe. Condition corporelle et conséquences sur la plasticité des traits d’histoire de vie chez les petits pélagiques de Méditerranée, Spatio-temporal interactions between whale sharks, cetaceans and tropical tuna purse-seine fisheries, within a conservation perspective, in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Drifting Fish Aggregating Devices of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans : modalities of use, fishing efficiency and potential management, Biodiversité taxonomique et fonctionnelle des assemblages de poissons de Guinée et son évolution sous l’effet de la pêche, Des relations trophiques à l'état de santé : allocation d'énergie chez les thons tropicaux – Cas de l'Ouest de l'océan Indien, Des relations trophiques à l'état de santé : allocation d'énergie chez les thons tropicaux : cas de l'ouest de l'océan Indien, Trajectoires d’évolution des communautés phytoplanctoniques au cours du processus de restauration écologique des milieux lagunaires méditerranéens, A bird-eye view on the spatio-temporal variability of the seasonal cycle in the Northern Humboldt Current System : the case of Guanay cormorant, Peruvian booby and Peruvian pelican, Environmental impact on fish communities in the global ocean : a mechanistic modeling approach, Candidate gene variation in gilthead sea bream reveals complex spatiotemporal selection patterns between marine and lagoon habitats, Comparative Allometric Growth of the Mimetic Ephippid Reef Fishes Chaetodipterus faber and Platax orbicularis, Growth of Chlorella sorokiniana on a mixture of volatile fatty acids: The effects of light and temperature, To boldly gulp: standard metabolic rate and boldness have context-dependent influences on risk-taking to breathe air in a catfish, Spatial, socio-economic, and ecological implications of incorporating minimum size constraints in marine protected area network design, Spawning segregation and philopatry are major prezygotic barriers in sympatric cryptic Mugil cephalus species, Influence of the larval phase on connectivity: strong differences in the genetic structure of brooders and broadcasters in the Ophioderma longicauda species complex, A new SNP-based vision of the genetics of sex determination in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax), Preparation for oxidative stress under hypoxia and metabolic depression: Revisiting the proposal two decades later, Variations in the diet and stable isotope ratios during the ovarian development of female yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the Western Indian Ocean, Stranding and mortality of pelagic crustaceans in the western Indian Ocean, Viral and Bacterial Epibionts in Thermally-Stressed Corals, Deepwater Horizon oil spill impacts on sea turtles could span the Atlantic, Weathering a Dynamic Seascape: Influences of Wind and Rain on a Seabird’s Year-Round Activity Budgets, Unravelling the ecological role and trophic relationships of uncommon and threatened elasmobranchs in the western Mediterranean Sea, Fine-scale 3-dimensional movement behaviour of silky sharks Carcharhinus falciformis associated with fish aggregating devices (FADs), Coral-associated viruses and bacteria in the Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, Discovery of Genome-Wide Microsatellite Markers in Scombridae: A Pilot Study on Albacore Tuna. Intraspecific variation in freshwater tolerance, Shedding light on the migratory patterns of the Amazonian goliath catfish, Brachyplatystoma platynemum , using otolith 87 Sr/ 86 Sr analyses, Global biogeographical regions of freshwater fish species, An end-to-end model to evaluate the sensitivity of ecosystem indicators to track fishing impacts, Groundwater discharge to coastal streams – A significant pathway for nitrogen inputs to a hypertrophic Mediterranean coastal lagoon, Exploring the usefulness of scenario archetypes in science-policy processes: experience across IPBES assessments, State-of-the-art global models underestimate impacts from climate extremes, Life history traits of the exploited Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus - Cichlidae) in a subtropical reservoir (Lao PDR), Vessel avoidance response: A complex tradeoff between fish multisensory integration and environmental variables. Patterns and multi-scale drivers of phytoplankton species richness in temperate peri-urban lakes, Best practice in Ecopath with Ecosim food-web models for ecosystem-based management, Modelling the cumulative spatial–temporal effects of environmental drivers and fishing in a NW Mediterranean marine ecosystem, Structure and dynamics of demersal fish assemblages over three decades (1985–2012) of increasing fishing pressure in Guinea, Unpredictability in food supply during early life influences growth and boldness in European seabass, Dicentrarchus labrax, Persistent Organic Pollutants in albacore tuna ( Thunnus alalunga ) from Reunion Island (Southwest Indian Ocean) and South Africa in relation to biological and trophic characteristics, Environmental factors and megafauna spatio-temporal co-occurrence with purse-seine fisheries, Bright spots among the world’s coral reefs, An experimental comparison of three towed underwater video systems using species metrics, benthic impact and performance, High functional diversity stimulates diversification in experimental microbial communities, Where to forage in the absence of sea ice? Master Sciences, technologies, santé mention biologie des plantes et des micro-organismes, biotechnologies, bioprocédés spécialité biologie des plantes Adresse : Place Eugène Bataillon 34095 Montpellier Reproduction and offspring defects after exposure to PAHs mixtures. Importance of predation and viral lysis for bacterial mortality in a tropical western Indian coral-reef ecosystem (Toliara, Madagascar). How do MAR(1) models cope with hidden nonlinearities in ecological dynamics? An ecotoxicological view on neurotoxicity assessment, Bacterial-viral interactions in the sea surface microlayer of a black carbon-dominated tropical coastal ecosystem (Halong Bay, Vietnam), A Deep learning method for accurate and fast identification of coral reef fishes in underwater images. Insights in the ecology and evolutionary history of the Miscellaneous Crenarchaeotic Group lineage, Differences in the relative roles of environment, prey availability and human activity in the spatial distribution of two marine mesopredators living in highly exploited ecosystems, Selective extinction drives taxonomic and functional alpha and beta diversities in island bird assemblages, First report of goniodomin A production by the dinoflagellate Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax developing in southern Mediterranean (Bizerte Lagoon, Tunisia), Multilocus resolution of Mugilidae phylogeny (Teleostei: Mugiliformes): Implications for the family’s taxonomy, Toxicities of 48 pharmaceuticals and their freshwater and marine environmental assessment in northwestern France, Rising the Persian Gulf Black-Lip Pearl Oyster to the Species Level: Fragmented Habitat and Chaotic Genetic Patchiness in Pinctada persica, Transcriptome dynamics of a susceptible wheat upon Fusarium head blight reveals that molecular responses to Fusarium graminearum infection fit over the grain development processes, Diet shifts and population dynamics of estuarine foraminifera during ecosystem recovery after experimentally induced hypoxia crises, Spatial compartmentalization of free radical formation and mitochondrial heterogeneity in bivalve gills revealed by live-imaging techniques, Heterotrophic Bacteria Show Weak Competition for Nitrogen in Mediterranean Coastal Waters (Thau Lagoon) in Autumn, Linking basin-scale connectivity, oceanography and population dynamics for the conservation and management of marine ecosystems, Mapping biodiversity in three-dimensions challenges marine conservation strategies: The example of coralligenous assemblages in North-Western Mediterranean Sea, The EU restrictive trade measures against IUU fishing, Identification of skipjack tuna juveniles based on DNA control region sequences and potential spawning area around reunion island, Methodological assessment of 2b-RAD genotyping technique for population structure inferences in yellowfin tuna ( Thunnus albacares ), Estimating natural mortality rates and simulating fishing scenarios for Gulf of Mexico red grouper (Epinephelus morio) using the ecosystem model OSMOSE-WFS, Consequences of contaminant mixture on the dynamics and functional diversity of bacterioplankton in a southwestern Mediterranean coastal ecosystem, Harvesting effects on functional structure and composition of tropical invertebrate assemblages, Large-Scale Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Mediterranean Cephalopod Diversity, Quantitative pathways for Northeast Atlantic fisheries based on climate, ecological–economic and governance modelling scenarios, Ecological indicators to capture the effects of fishing on biodiversity and conservation status of marine ecosystems, Influence of Biological Factors on Connectivity Patterns for Concholepas concholepas (loco) in Chile. Université Montpellier, 2019. Investigating the effects of high trophic levels on nutrients and plankton dynamics and associated feedbacks, Trait structure and redundancy determine sensitivity to disturbance in marine fish communities, Deep-sea manefishes (Perciformes: Caristiidae) from oceanic islands and seamounts off northeastern Brazil, with comments on the caristiids previously reported in Brazilian waters, Food in the Sea: Size Also Matters for Pelagic Fish, Partial migration and early size of southern hake Merluccius australis: a journey between estuarine and oceanic habitats off Northwest Patagonia, Global ensemble projections reveal trophic amplification of ocean biomass declines with climate change, Coastal ocean and nearshore observation : A French case study, An End-to-End Model Reveals Losers and Winners in a Warming Mediterranean Sea, Reference levels of ecosystem indicators at multispecies maximum sustainable yield, Optimized fishing through periodically harvested closures Author affiliation. Le Master IMHE s’inscrit dans l’offre de formation qui fait suite à la Licence des Sciences de la Vie, Parcours Microbiologie de l’Université de Montpellier (Faculté des Sciences, Département Biologie-Mécanismes du Vivant). Demonstrating multiple benefits from periodically harvested fisheries closures, Short-term prey field lability constrains individual specialisation in resource selection and foraging site fidelity in a marine predator, Scientific rationale and international obligations for protection of active hydrothermal vent ecosystems from deep-sea mining, Seasonal variability of picophytoplankton under contrasting environments in northern Tunisian coasts, southwestern Mediterranean Sea, Corallivory and the microbial debacle in two branching scleractinians, Linking species diversification to palaeo-environmental changes: A process-based modelling approach, Combining six genome scan methods to detect candidate genes to salinity in the Mediterranean striped red mullet (Mullus surmuletus), Linking spawning ground extent to environmental factors - patterns and dispersal during the egg phase of four North Sea fishes, Effects of domestic effluent discharges on mangrove crab physiology: Integrated energetic, osmoregulatory and redox balances of a key engineer species, Application of the coastal ecosystem complex concept toward integrated management for sustainable coastal fisheries under oligotrophication, Multifarious anchovy and sardine regimes in the Humboldt Current System during the last 150 years, Deep ocean prokaryotic communities are remarkably malleable when facing long-term starvation, Environmental and anthropogenic factors affecting the increasing occurrence of shark-human interactions around a fast-developing Indian Ocean island (vol 8, 2018), Reef accessibility impairs the protection of sharks, Effects of copper and butyltin compounds on the growth, photosynthetic activity and toxin production of two HAB dinoflagellates: The planktonic Alexandrium catenella and the benthic Ostreopsis cf. Life history traits and exploitation of Hampala barb (Hampala macrolepidota - Cyprinidae) in a subtropical reservoir (Lao PDR). PLASTIC-Seine research project: Microplastic Flux and Impact on biota in the Seine estuary. Associative behavior of yellowfin Thunnus albacares, skipjack Katsuwonus pelamis, and bigeye tuna T. obesus at anchored fish aggregating devices (FADs) off the coast of Mauritius, Trophic ecology of the European hake in the Gulf of Lions, northwestern Mediterranean Sea, Factors influencing prokaryotes in an intertidal mudflat and the resulting depth gradients, Changes in brain monoamines underlie behavioural disruptions after zebrafish diet exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons environmental mixtures, Environmentally driven synchronies of Mediterranean cephalopod populations, Responses of coral reef fishes to past climate changes are related to life-history traits, Forecasted consequences of simulated FAD moratoria in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans on catches and bycatches, Standardized ecological indicators to assess aquatic food webs: The ECOIND software plug-in for Ecopath with Ecosim models, Investigation of bacterial communities within the digestive organs of the hydrothermal vent shrimp Rimicaris exoculata provide insights into holobiont geographic clustering, Isolation drives taxonomic and functional nestedness in tropical reef fish faunas, A review of capture and post-release mortality of elasmobranchs, Life cycle assessment of three Peruvian fishmeal plants: Toward a cleaner production, Seasonal dynamics of atmospheric and river inputs of black carbon, and impacts on biogeochemical cycles in Halong Bay, Vietnam, Human-shark interactions: The case study of Reunion island in the south-west Indian Ocean, A sequential approach to calibrate ecosystem models with multiple time series data, Extensions of Island Biogeography Theory predict the scaling of functional trait composition with habitat area and isolation, Effects of fasting and re-alimentation on gill and intestinal morphology and indicators of osmoregulatory capacity in genetically selected sea bass ( Dicentrarchus labrax ) populations with contrasting tolerance to fasting, Fertilization strategies for Sea Bass Dicentrarchus labrax (Linnaeus, 1758): effects of pre-incubation and duration of egg receptivity in seawater, Profitability and economic drivers of small pelagic fisheries in West Africa: A twenty year perspective, Biological and environmental influence on tissue fatty acid compositions in wild tropical tunas, Spatio-temporal patterns and environmental controls of small pelagic fish body condition from contrasted Mediterranean areas, Adaptive responses of tropical tuna purse-seiners under temporal regulations, Restoration ecology of coastal lagoons: new methods for the prediction of ecological trajectories and economic valuation, Drivers and predictions of coral reef carbonate budget trajectories, Microbial Diversity and Cyanobacterial Production in Dziani Dzaha Crater Lake, a Unique Tropical Thalassohaline Environment, Effects of biological, economic and management factors on tuna and billfish stock status, Assessing the number of moored fishing aggregating devices through aerial surveys: A case study from Guadeloupe, Ecosystem indicators\textemdashaccounting for variability in species\textquoteright trophic levels. Guide for implementing ecological intensification of aquaculture systems, CHARC: Ecology and habitat use of tiger Galeocerdo cuvier and bull Carcharhinus leucas sharks on the west coast of Reunion Island, Western Indian ocean, Atelier de réflexion prospective MERMED : adaptation aux changements globaux en mer Méditerranée : rapport final, Somatotropic axis genes are expressed before pituitary onset during zebrafish and sea bass development, A new transportable floating mesocosm platform with autonomous sensors for real-time data acquisition and transmission for studying the pelagic food web functioning, Individual and combined effects of copper and parasitism on osmoregulation in the European eel Anguilla anguilla, Ecological strategies shape the insurance potential of biodiversity, Low Connectivity between Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas: A Biophysical Modeling Approach for the Dusky Grouper Epinephelus marginatus. 3-D habitat suitability of jack mackerel Trachurus murphyi in the Southeastern Pacific, a comprehensive study, Simulated terrestrial runoff triggered a phytoplankton succession and changed seston stoichiometry in coastal lagoon mesocosms, Passive Sampling and High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Chemical Profiling of French Coastal Areas with a Focus on Marine Biotoxins. Interaction avec la flavobactériose et les caractères de production, Exposition de moules marines au diclofénac : effet sur les prostaglandines et produits de biotransformation chez Mytilus galloprovincialis, Vast panmixia in the widely distributed blue shark (Prionace glauca), Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac disturbs the prostaglandin system in the marine mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis. De l’exploration spatiale à la robotique, en passant par l’ingénierie écologique… Recherche. Tél. Changements démographiques chez les petits pélagiques du Golfe du Lion : y a-t-il un contrôle bottom-up ? La formation de base pluridisciplinaire est orientée vers l’acquisition des notions Trait selection during food web assembly: the roles of interactions and temperature, Jellyfish as an alternative source of food for opportunistic fishes, Modelling food web structure using an end-to-end approach in the coastal ecosystem of the Gulf of Gabes (Tunisia), Seasonal variation of sperm quality in Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas), Management strategy evaluation using the individual-based, multispecies modeling approach OSMOSE, Trophic structure of pelagic species in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea, Restoring the ecosystem creates wealth. A Methodological Framework to Estimate the Site Fidelity of Tagged Animals Using Passive Acoustic Telemetry, Global habitat preferences of commercially valuable tuna, Response of diatom and dinoflagellate lifeforms to reduced phosphorus loading: A case study in the Thau lagoon, France, Alexandrium pacificum Litaker sp.

Tableau Tmc Tennis Vierge, Prière Pour Les âmes Abandonnées, Taniere Mots Fléchés, Consanguinité Canard Colvert, Vanité Salle De Bain, Master Fiscalité Internationale, Master Santé Publique Salaire, Tarte Cassis Groseille, Bijoux Ambre Signification, Lettre De Remerciement Pour Service Rendu,

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